its activity field is the development of software and applications. We are at the forefront of technology to offer ergonomic solutions through the use of Responsive Web Design compatible with the most materials. We are in charge of autonomous projects as well as on the Internet, especially with cloud-based client-server architectures.


Do yourself easily the id photos of your whole family. With the IdPhotoLand application, you'll be amazed at its simplicity. Directly from the camera of your phone or from the photos gallery, get a portrait. Orient it, frame it and adjust it to make sure your photos are up to standard for official documents such as identity cards, passports or visas. Up to three different people can be combined on the same sheet paper. A maximum of eight photos can fit on a single print run. The grid saved, the last step is its printing by transmitting it on a photo printing site or directly to the many print station kiosks.


Its use is very simple, everything is intuitive. Up to 3 different sources can be used simply by drag and drop. There is not even a need for a USB key to transfer the generated grid. Its transmission can be done wirelessly if the print kiosk accepts it (Bluetooth)


Take the time to take the portrait without stress at home with a camera, ideal for babies and the elderly. If the photo is tilted, no worries, you can straighten it. Finally, a pattern ensures that you are aligned to ISO / IEC 19794-5 standard


Now, the photo print terminals offers you a sheet at 0,25 €. The price of a Photomaton® photo booth is 5 € the 5 photos. The Pro version ensuring the 8 photos is therefore refunded from the first use with more pictures as a bonus